CLASS DESCRIPTIONS Listed somewhat from most gentle to most challenging

Gentle on the Floor  Very gentle. All levels welcome.

Karen's Friday Edition:

"Move it or lose it".  In order to keep ourselves agile, there is a certain level of discipline and movement we have to engage in just to maintain function. If you've ever had an injury, or walked away from regular exercise, (haven't we all at one time or another?) nothing rings more true than that phrase. This gentle morning class occurs mostly on the floor, moves the spine in all of its potential directions, opens the hips and shoulders for a great start to the day. No sun salutations, warrior or standing poses, and leave feeling awesome to head into your day. Good for everyone from the newbie to the advanced practitioner.

Layla's Saturday Edition:

You're an early riser, often up before the Sun. You can't wait to greet the day. You've got a lot you want to pack into your Saturday. But you'd like to start off with a little intentional movement. We'll be sweet to ourselves. We'll wake up our bodies gently. We'll link easy movement to breath. This isn't the time for challenging ourselves and pushing our boundaries. This is the time for slow and ease-filled movement to warm up the entire body, release fascia, and prepare the body for the day's activities. Perfect for the first-time yogi or those who like a gentler practice.


Yin Yoga (Layla) All levels welcome.

What is Yin Yoga?  Yin Yoga invites you to slow down and create space for stillness while nourishing joints, ligaments, tendons and fascia. Yin poses are quiet, still, and held for 3-5 minutes allowing the connective tissue to release and strengthen.  This class will have you on the floor most of the time, using as many props needed to create a feeling of support and allowing for release while holding poses. This class will complement your Vinyasa practice and will open and release areas in need of more tender attention. 

Yin / Restorative (Layla) All levels welcome.

I am so passionate about the benefits of Yin and Restorative Yoga. Both styles of Yoga encourage a reflective, internally focused practice. Both styles of Yoga help to calm your central nervous system. Both styles of yoga are less about outward achievement and more about internal exploration. If you often find yourself exhausted, depleted, or overwhelmed by the end of the week I cannot encourage you enough to give this class a try. 

Gentle Yoga for EveryBody (Layla)

You've carved out a little time for yourself. Perhaps you're coming from work or maybe the family is fed and is settling in for the evening. You know that a little sliver of time once or twice a week on your mat helps to keep you grounded, centered, compassionate, and quite honestly sane. You find value in a yoga practice that is mindful, gentle, and purposefully sequenced for both the season and for you, the practitioner. You can count on moving with a focus on alignment, breath, and the opportunity for modifications and variations. Perfect for the first-time yogi or those who like a gentler practice.

Basic Yoga​​ (Karen) Basic level yoga poses with an occasional dash of cayenne.

Seasoned Beginner? Beginner with Mileage? How about a good old basic yoga class! It's for students who have been doing yoga for a while at a basic level and want to maintain strength and flexibility with occasionally trying some new stuff: inversions, strengthening or deepening poses that stray just a bit from the regular beginner syllabus to provide just the right amount of challenge to keep it interesting.

Full Spectrum Yoga (Karen)  Experienced Beginner / Intermediate

For adventurous new students or experienced students. Multiple levels of challenge are offered through sun salutations, standing poses, inversions, hip work and backbends. Some classes will be slower with intense focus on detail, others will flow and move aligning breath with movement. Some classes will break down poses almost workshop style while others will offer not much more than the names of the poses to guide you. It's great to explore a variety of styles of practice to keep the mind and body supple and strong. Classes always offer a silliness thread so we don't take ourselves too seriously, and we leave feeling just plain fabulous.

Sacred Sunday Yoga (Karen) Intermediate. Modifications as necessary
This class combines the full, juicy goodness of yoga. We'll do a yummy yoga practice (intermediate with modifications - some experience helps, but is not required) and front and backload it with the theme du jour, some chanting, a 5 - 10 minute seated silent meditation, and an absolutely delicious well-deserved final relaxation pose. (savasana) Class is a tad longer to accommodate the meditation time, so don't let the extra time scare you. And "chanting" isn't about how well you can carry a tune. So you can let that go. There really isn't much that can compare to a true "yoga buzz" which is essentially a lift in your own consciousness after you've spent some time doing these beautiful practices. This is a VERY. SPECIAL. CLASS.


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