Pretty much everyone.

(Humans: Baby boomers, Gen X, Millenials, etc.)

  • Newbies

  • Dabblers

  • Beginners

  • Intermediates

  • Runners, walkers, sitters, stressors

  • Those recovered from / still nursing a surgery or injury

  • Those with chronic back, hip or shoulder pain

  • Those who wonder what happened to the body they once knew and when they will get it back


We've both been teaching for a long while. It's important to both of us to bring ease, maturity, a welcoming and encouraging environment, knowledge and a sprinkle of humor to our classes and workshops. We talk about real stuff, and offer tools from the vast yoga toolbox that really work.  

  • We show up. We offer a schedule our students can count on. 

  • We offer a safe, nurturing environment to try new things.

  • We offer clear, articulate instruction.


We both love people. We both love helping people to feel better. There's a huge well of information in the yoga tank,

(on more than just a physical level) and we feel called to make these concepts accessible and practical. We all need some tools to create balance in our lives, and we feel honored that we get to teach yoga at this time. Plus we get to meet and surround ourselves with so many lovely people. It just doesn't get better than that.


We both are Yoga Alliance certified at the e500 hour level, and as YACEP, or Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Providers. We met many years ago when we both were teachers at the former YogahOMe studio in Mariemont. When the doors closed there in Dec. 2014, we decided to make an entrepreneurial go at teaching completely independently, and had the unbelievable good fortune to teach for 1 1/2 years at the Barn in Mariemont, home to the Woman's Art Club and Cultural Center.

After getting our feet wet at The Barn, it became a mutual dream to open our own place. We wanted to be able to create a dedicated, sacred space for our students. Not to mention how lovely it would be to find a permanent home for the bins of yoga props that we hauled around in the back of our cars. But I digress.


We are a co-operative of separate sole proprietors sharing a glorious studio we call The Yoga Nest. We operate as: Karen Johns Yoga, LLC and Layla Yoga, LLC.

We learned a few things over the years about how the classic yoga business model works (and doesn't work), so we decided to give this co-op idea a go. We collect moneys separately, sell passes only for our own classes, send email campaigns to our own mailing lists, carry all necessary insurances, dot our "i's" and cross our "t's".

We love keeping it grass-rootsy - and it works! Our doors have been open since Sept. 2016, and we have truly been blessed with all of the wonderful people who seem to like our particular brand of yoga exploration. We continue to grow and serve lots of folks near and far thanks to our regular clients who bring their awesome friends who become students... and the digital magic of the Google search!  

101 Main Street     Suite   2B     2nd Floor     Milford. OH 45150       © 2021  The Yoga Nest  Karen Johns Yoga, LLC & Layla Yoga, LLC