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​"My ribs are so much better this morning I can hardly believe it!  Yay!  Thank you so much for the session yesterday.  It was both comforting and empowering."

- S. C., 1/21

"What a powerful session!! I was pain free for about two days, then a little crept slowly back, but not near the level it was (low back, hips and knees.)  The knees feel most significantly improved, stronger.  I went on two long walks the past few days and it felt good, quite a bit easier on the pain level.  While walking I noticed my body’s movement, gait, and experimented with how else it wanted to move.  So my gait did change considerably and I was able to visualize how my pelvis, hips, feet, all wanted to move and how I had been focused on the pain so much that I was inhibiting that.  I’d call that a significant breakthrough in embodiment/awareness. 

We definitely broke through some sludgey stuff throughout.  My awareness of my own thoughts, patterns, observations, judgements is quite heightened.  So whatever has been causing my resistance to that has moved on, been broken through.  I feel more at peace-with myself, with seeing the world's goings on with more neutrality."

- P. Y., 2/21


with Karen Johns, Certified IQM Energist Levels I - III

We all experience times in our lives when we feel "off". It's been a stressful time, maybe there is ongoing pain or discomfort, and you feel "out of sync". An Energy Renewal is a private session with Karen utilizing a number of healing modalities to seek out the sources of influence with a much broader lens. Physical pain or emotional pain are the result of surprising energetic influences one would never guess!

The session is a collaboration between the Universe, Karen and YOU. When all three elements are working together for your higher good, deep peace and relief can be restored. 

Here's what happens in a session:
We both log into Zoom. We chat about what is needing to be addressed. Then we ground and set our intention together. You find a comfy position (lying down typically since the session is 1 hour) so that I can see you from the side view. I will employ a variety of healing modalities including:

  • Chakra Clearing

  • Visualizations (some silent / some participatory)

  • IQM (Integrative Quantum Medicine™) 

Sessions last 1 hour. 
Cost per session: $60
If you are interested in scheduling a session with me,
please contact me.  I'd be honored to work with you.


Integrative Quantum Medicine™ is a hands-free healing technique created by Louise Mita. (The link will take you to her website, where she explains it in more detail.)


On the day of your session, you establish your intention. My job is to act as a vessel to transmit Universal healing energy for your highest good. 


Using a my hands, I employ a muscle testing (kinesiology) method called "o ring" toI ask the Universe "yes" and "no" questions. Then I ask that the influences contributing to your discomfort be CLEARED on 7 different levels:

  • spiritual

  • psychic

  • psychological

  • emotional

  • mental

  • metaphysical

  • physical


Energy is renewed and released so that that which no longer serves your highest good is released. Pain may be reduced and in some cases eradicated, and a deep sense of peace may replace the clutter formerly taking up residence in your physical body, your energy bodies and your soul.


Sound woowoo? Yep. It also happens to work.

"Something I found from our session is that my self-esteem was restored. Which was interesting. I knew it had been down, but like a flash it just magically returned. Very strange but oh so great. The other thing, is that my toe healed! The next day the skin peeled off and the pain is gone. It seems as though it was an infection and that my toenail didn't need to be removed after all. Anyway...it's very much on the mend and I can't believe it!"  - K. B., 5/20  

"I had a deep hip pain that was gone immediately and never returned. It was so intense that it felt like a pulled glut muscle and kept me from walking.  I’m so grateful for your gift that you shared with me.

 - P. S., 4/20