Candlelit Restorative Yoga (Via Zoom!) 
First Fridays ONLINE ONLY with Layla
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6:30 - 7:30pm
By Donation!  

Join me on the First Friday of the month for Sunset Restorative Yoga. This is a cozy and delightful way to ease yourself into the weekend. Restorative yoga poses will calm and reset your entire body and mind. As a practice, Restorative relies heavily on the use of yoga props. We only practice a handful of poses and hold them, or marinate in them, for a longer time. Restorative yoga is an excellent opportunity to slow down from the hectic pace of life and let your body, mind, and spirit find a sense of rest and ease. The slower pace, deep breathing, and purposeful use of supportive props triggers the parasympathetic nervous system, the rest and digest system. If you feel like you are constantly in fight-or-flight mode, this class will help you to find the deep relaxation and calm that is essential for your longterm wellness. Perfect for those recovering from injury or illness or anyone who is a human being. 

30 Minute Countdown to  C  A  L  M
A downloadable video recording with Karen

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Friends, we ALL are being tested in ways we never imagined, you feelin' me? Astrology tells us that the tests may just keep on a-comin', which is why I wanted to create this quick practice you can use again and again to calm yourself down NOW. 

In this 30 minute recording, we get RIGHT TO IT without my signature chattiness.  

  • 3 pranayama (breathing) exercises

  • Accupressure point massage

  • Super-simple presence visualization 

For ease and accessibility to this practice, there are no yoga poses required. This simple, powerful practice is designed for immediate access and instantaneous results when you don't have the time or patience to roll out a mat and work it out through the body. I hope you'll find this helpful!


(Though no yoga experience is necessary, I do refer to Ujjayi breathing throughout this recording, which simply means you breathe audibly through your nose on the inhale and exhale, just in case you're not familiar.)

Private Yoga Instruction

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