Never tried it and ready to get going?


We're grateful that you're reading this page right now and so glad you are considering starting your yoga journey with us at The Yoga Nest!

We offer a couple of options for you if you're new to yoga:

1. If you have some yoga experience, feel free to just drop in to any of our weekly ONLINE classes for a test drive. (Links and passwords are on our homepage.) Suggested fee for  dropping in is $17, which is payable via the "donate" links on our homepage. No need to make a reservation ahead of time, but feel free to reach out with questions.

2. If you've never done any yoga and/or you have some physical concerns that you want to be sure you can accommodate in your practice, please do a  1 hour private ONLINE session with either Karen or Layla. (Read more below.)


A private online session can be tremendously helpful to get the personal guidance you need to get started, and to get comfortable with the zoom interface.

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Get Started NOW

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It is NOT required to do this before attending a group class, but we do recommend it.


If you have never done any yoga (or even if you tried it sometime and didn't like it) we recommend doing a private 1 hour session before trying out a regular group class.

We'll warm up a bit and do some staple yoga poses that help us assess what you need and what the best class options would be for you moving forward. 

We'll address areas of concern you have and offer alignment and yoga prop tips that support the safest practice habits for you to get started. 

It'll help you to feel how your body responds to the poses and know more about what to expect in a class setting so that you're more likely to stick with it.

You can schedule it at a time that's convenient so you can start attending classes sooner rather than later. 

We hope to have the pleasure to help you get started on your yoga adventure!

NEW TO YOGA Private ZOOM Session

with Karen or Layla

1 hr. ~ $65

If you have a J. O. B. that limits your class attendance to


Please set an appointment with LAYLA to get started.

If you have the option to attend classes 


Please set up an appointment with KAREN to get started.